14 Free Monologues for Teenagers

14 Free Monologues for Teenagers presents a great collection of free teen monologues from 13-19 years of age. Pieces include drama/comedy 1-2 min duration.

Topics include fistfights, money, dating, merch, college and more.

14 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Swallow Your Pride – Pamela is upset with her boyfriend because he continually and consistently gets in to fistfights whenever they go out.
  2. I Know I’m Little – Tina is so fed up with always coming off as little and cute to everyone.
  3. A Regular Kid – Peggy wants to be like everybody else and not be so gifted at what comes naturally to her.
  4. Push Off – Biv has been eagerly waiting for his friend to tell him if he’s going to buy a ticket to see the concert.
  5. One Story – Loretta talks about how she is easily annoyed over the fact that her Uncle always talks about the same thing over and over again.
  6. Stop Wearing My Merch – Dwight wants another High Schooler to stop copying his style.
  7. You Will Look Pretty Amazing – Cara wants to be a make-up artist and she approaches a random girl offering to highlight her features.
  8. Causing A Scene – Charlie confesses to his father why he doesn’t enjoy hanging out with his cousin as much anymore.
  9. Bad Influence – Arna is about to leave for college and before she walks out of her house, she has a final word to say to her mother.
  10. I Don’t Want To Go Out With You – Sandy does her best not to hurt the feelings of telling her friend that she doesn’t wish to date him.
  11. Speak English – Ronda goes on a rant about how difficult her college professor is while teaching.
  12. Before It Gets Too Dark Out – Sandra is traveling abroad with a few close friends, one of them has no organization skills whatsoever.
  13. Not True – Pam is getting cornered over talking trash behind her friends back when it’s simply not true.
  14. Same Thing – Tara confronts her friend about why she is always competing with her.

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