15 Short Plays for High School Students

15 Short Plays for High School Students are drama/comedy scripts for young aspiring actors.  MB’s short plays are 1 act play scripts 5-15 minutes long.

Topics include social acceptance, spirituality, forgiveness, dating, trust, individuality and so much more.

15 Short Plays for High School Students

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita talks to someone for the first time about how she doesn’t ever seem to be capable of revealing her truest feelings.

ACTING DIFFERENT – Cassandra’s boyfriend likes to show off and act like he doesn’t care about his girlfriend whenever he’s in front of his friends.

THE BEAR – Tiffany has a big heart and she struggles with allowing people to take advantage of her.

TWO SHADES AWAY – Melanie is confused as to which direction she wishes to take in her life when it comes to knowing who she truly is as a person.

A SENSE OF BELONGING – Beverly feels isolated in her life because she has no friends at school.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – Clara makes an effort at talking with her sister in order for them to get close again.

PLAYING THE VICTIM – Sally visits her best friend but as usual, receives nothing but negative energy and pessimistic attitudes.

15 Short Plays for High School Students

WASTED TALENT – Donnie talks about losing one of his closest friends and how he wishes he would have done something more to save him.

PHONE CALLS – Meagan talks to her friend about the silly games guys play after they first meet you, by not calling for three days.

FOUR SUMMERS AGO – Evandra and her sister Selene make an attempt at working out their differences and finding some common ground in which to connect.

RATHER BE A MAN – Kim is so over men’s cheesy one liners when it comes to approaching her while out in public.

BUBBLE WORLD – Jasmine tells her cousin like it is because she sees her becoming much too materialistic while forgetting more important aspects of life.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Jesse needs to grow up and learn how to speak properly to his girlfriend before he loses her.

SINCE CHILDHOOD – Zoe hasn’t seen her best friend since he went off to college and now that he’s back she realizes she’s in love with him.

JUST A CRACK – Rayla and her boyfriend have not been getting along whatsoever and in this monologue she gives him an ultimatum.


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