28 Have A Laugh Monologues

Male and Female comedic monologues to get you through another boring day!  =) Topics include working at the office, getting fired, life threatening situations, animal payback, revenge, accidents, pranks, tidiness, irrationality and embarrassment.

28 Have A Laugh Monologues

Have A Laugh for Men

  1. There He Is
  2. Side Effects
  3. The Art of the Play
  4. Public High
  5. Howta Be A Gangsta
  6. Yo
  7. The Last M & M Samurai
  8. Upon My Return
  9. I Hate My Name
  10. Picasso Reincarnated
  11. Piss Power
  12. Parrot Calls
  13. Crash Cab
  14. Not Your Average A-hole

Have A Laugh For Women

  1. Crappy Pants
  2. Just For Laughs
  3. Flicker
  4. Phone Calls
  5. Flycatcher
  6. Next In Line
  7. Nose Hairs
  8. Wing Girl
  9. Just One Thing
  10. The Girls
  11. Little Critters
  12. Color & Style
  13. Stretch
  14. Snot Rags


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