10 Miniature Dramas for Big Film Ideas

10 Miniature Dramas for Big Film Ideas offers creators short play stories that may spark and ignite a creative film adaptation.

Below you will find two-person scripts with a running time of about ten minutes.  We hope you get inspired for your next big idea.  =)

10 Miniature Dramas for Big Film Ideas

Tell me something about yourself…anything.” from THE DANCING MAN
Max and Bree are driving to their destination in a rented vehicle when they begin to hear a banging sound coming from the back of the car.  When Max pulls over and pops the trunk, he sees a disheveled man who doesn’t talk and only wishes to dance.

You don’t love me anymore.” from NO IS BETTER THAN SILENCE
Kyra realized she was too dependent on her boyfriend and so she split.  She’s made arrangements with a new place and new job.  When Mickey (ex-boyfriend) finds her, Kyra tries to explain everything to him.

Why wasn’t I ever good enough in your eyes, Luca?” from RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES
Luca tells Gio that hiding out is no longer going to be an option.  Gio doesn’t want to run from his troubles any longer and instead wants to stand and fight, but Luca believes it’s a fight he won’t win.

I’m willing to die for you.” from ACT OF PURE LOVE
Saul feels like he’s lost the woman of his dreams and the only way to win her back is by proving his undying loyalty to her…so he cuts off one of his fingers to demonstrate he will do anything for her.

Why waste time being someone else?” from ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES
Shelly has only recently lost her mother and talks to her boyfriend about how it’s making her look at her own life differently.

10 Mini Drama Stories for the Silver Screen

It angers me to remain quiet.” from A DECENT MAN
Fabian believes that there was fowl play at hand in the death of his father.  His mind has been spinning with the possibility and he feels like he’s going to do something regretful.  Before he takes action, he speaks with a priest in order to regain his balance.

Can I make a confession?”  from SIREN IN THE NIGHT
Crystal is a runaway teen who by chance bumps into an old best friend’s father that recognizes her and wishes to help her get back on feet again.

There’s that word I hate.” from WASTE OF TIME
Byron is a young and promising entrepreneur who wants to drop out of school in order to run this business full time but his parents will never allow it.

I only want to live my life how I wish to live it.” from ONCE IN A RIVER BLUE
Willy Boy has fallen in love with Solume and Solume does not wish to take things further than friends.

Is this both prescriptions?” from FADE TO BLACK
Gram believes that both his sons are out to kill him in order to take over his property and turn it into a bed and breakfast business.

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