10 Published Scripts for All Ages

10 Published Scripts for All Ages covers both drama/comedy scripts for actors and creators looking for free material to work on and create projects with.

MB scripts are free to use.  So long as you develop your project for non-profit purposes, you are welcome to use all monologues/scripts on Monologue Blogger.

10 Published Scripts for All Ages


LESS SOAP, MORE BLOOD – Roma has become a well known actress via soap commercials.  Her agent has yet another soap commercial for her to book if she wants the gig but all Roma wants is the opportunity to be in movies.

I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE – It’s Mike’s first day at his new job and he is given a very unusual tour of the premises by a very unusual worker.

WAY OF THE WIFFLE BALL BAT – Jane’s most annoying teenage son Jake proves to be even more annoying while eating a sandwich.

THE DUCK – Jerald and Meredith have a house guest but they begin thinking that their friend is increasing odd and strange.

BAKE ME SOME BROWNIES – a plumber gets called in for a toilet job but all isn’t exactly what it seems.

Published Scripts for All Ages


MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN – Mick finally works up the nerve to confess his love to his girlfriend Tia on a much deeper level.

TRUE BLOOD TIES – Jena visits her father Gin in prison only to get aggravated by his attempts at verbally bashing her mother.

RESIN – Selena is sick and tired of her boyfriend’s selfish and inconsiderate ways.

EVEN THIS – Barbra is on the verge of losing her home and her son tries to figure out a workable plan on how they can keep it.

SMASH UP – Mazda and Chito and criminals who sometimes work together and in this script they find a deeper understanding of one another.

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