40 Acting Scripts for Female and Male Actors

40 Acting Scripts for Female and Male Actors are freshly composed and created just for you from Monologue Blogger.  Scripts are drama and comedic pieces.

In this post we would like to share with you 40 scripts we think you will find useful for some of your own projects.

Feel free to use them to make your own short film, internet video, scene study class, demo reels or just random practice.

One of the reasons why Monologue Blogger exists is to serve you as a go to resource for thousands of free scripts and monologues for your own creative ventures.

There have been countless creators (actors, directors, producers) and major film and acting schools who work with MB material.  This makes us happy to know our resource is providing value for you.

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40 Acting Scripts for Female and Male Actors

ALDERONA (1 girl teen, 1 teen guy)
An interesting look at a brother and sister who come from a family that has special superpowers designed to protect human beings on Earth.

ANIMAL BOYS (1 woman, 1 man)
A slice of life from the lower income life in London.

BABY (1 woman, 2 men)
A brother tries to help out his younger pregnant sister.

BACK TO LIFE (1 woman, 1 man)
This parting pair is caught in a final goodbye at a 1950’s train cafe.

BASKET CASE (2 women)
A comedic tale on a mother and daughter living in Queens, New York and the problems they encounter together.

BOULEVARD (1 girl teen, 1 woman)
A mother doesn’t show creative support for her daughter’s passion for writing.

A serio-comic spin on two burglars who rob the wrong house.

CHEESECAKE (1 woman, 1 man)
A hit woman makes another threat to a man she has already done physical damage to.

CHUTZPAH – (1 teen, 1 woman)
A young teen girl who is thinking about skipping home collides with an elderly homeless woman.

An editorial manager discovers his own true to life cover story.

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CURVE BALL (1 girl teen, 1 man)
A music talent manager shares a deep personal story with his client in order to truly help her stay on her career path.

DEAD GIRL (2 men)
One friend call another friend about a blond chick who is face down dead in cocaine.

DIRT MOUTH (2 men)
One man wants to buy a gun from a stranger.

A funny sketch of a reporter doing his best to cover a story on the oldest living person on Earth.

ENCOUNTER (1 woman, 1 man)
A period piece that takes us to a couple upon their first meeting.

A daughter goes after a nurse who isn’t caring for her mother (patient) in the correct professional manner.

FULL CIRCLE (2 women)
Two ex friends bump into one another on a California boulevard and get to talking about their issues.

GAME (2 men)
Two friends have an argument about loyalty and trust.

GUY CODE (1 woman, 2 men)
A comedic skit on ego and trust.

HAROLD’S EAR (1 woman, 1 man)
An Uncle has a cotton ball jammed in his ear that he cannot take out and needs his niece to help him.

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LESS SOAP, MORE BLOOD (1 woman, 1 man)
An actress goes head to head with her agent about doing yet another soap commercial in this comedic script.

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN (1 woman, 1 man)
When a man becomes vulnerable for the woman he truly loves.

MICKEY’S CAKE (1woman, 1 man)
A comedic skit about what really shouldn’t take place in the work space.

ONE RED CENT (1 woman, 2 men)
An ex-husband and wife do battle over their children for a weekend stay.

The underlying issue living in this scene is physical abuse amongst these two teen best friends.

POLICY (1 woman, 1 man)
A young married couple who makes money by prostitution.

QUE AND SCHELP (1 female teen, 1 male teen)
Two teenagers rehearse the robbery they plan on committing the following day.

REAL AGAIN (2 teen girls)
Two female teenagers who are in love and try making decisions on escape.

RED TUXEDO (2 men)
Powerful men handling powerful business decisions.

SHRIBBLE (1 woman, 1 man)
Who ever said going vegan was easy must have been joking in this comedy scene.

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SNIFF (2 men) – BEN questions HARRY as to why he keeps sniffing his fingers.

Pack accuses Burpie of stealing his beloved to nail clipper.

THE HIRE (1 woman, 1 man)
A twisted tale on a boss who hired a hit man to kill a woman he should have never of gotten involved with and it only gets worse from there.

THE SHOW (2 men)
A real life gangster and his ‘video assistant’ do their best to launch a true to life YouTube channel on how to be a gangster.

TRUE BLOOD TIES (1 woman, 1 man)
A daughter visits her imprisoned father.

This is a short comedy sketch based on old nobility in England, hundreds of years ago that raises the question, What if there was a Burger King?

WISDOM OF THE FOOL (1 woman, 1 man)
Hal’s wife shows up unexpectedly after he tries to get through his depression.

WINDOW PAIN (2 women)
Vickie punched Leslie in the face and this is the aftermath hours later.

YELLOW DRESS (1 woman, 1 man)
A terrorist bomb has gone off in an airport and throughout the ordeal two strangers have bonded.

YOU ARE SAFE NOW (1 woman, 1 man)
Jenny meets with Davey after he was beat up from his boyfriend.


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