10 Ready-to-Shoot Short Film Screenplays 

10 Ready-to-Shoot Short Film Screenplays share scene excerpts to give you the story idea for the characters, situation and atmosphere.

10 Ready-to-Shoot Short Film Screenplays 

Logan takes his wife Etta out to a hotel restaurant to inform her that he’s all too aware that she’s been cheating on him.

BASKET CASE – comedy
After coming home to see her mother crying, Vicky learns of her uncle’s passing, if only she knew she even had an uncle.

Velvet pursues a man named Lester in order to find additional information for someone she is going after.

DEAD GIRLcrime/comedy
Rex has his friend Billy come over because he’s in an emergency situation regarding a dead person.

Jena visits her father Gin behind bars and tries to keep from telling all the trouble she’s in.

Alderona comes from a family that has superpowers meant to aid humanity, but Alderona isn’t sure she wants to dedicate her life to it.

Pack can’t get over the fact that Burpie stole his toe nail clippers, used them and kept them.

CRUEL JOKE – comedy
Pat and Vin have nothing better to do than freeze outside in the blistering cold while they await instructions for their next possible stunt.

IMAGINARY YOU – serio-comedy
Waldo is a struggling writer who loves to smoke up more than work hard, so much so that he missed out on attending his father’s funeral.

LAUNCH DATE – dark humor
Mr. Tandum talks in confidence with his butler explaining to him that he is ready to be launched into outer space.

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