10 Scripted Scenes from Modern Day Writing

10 Scripted Scenes from Modern Day Writing provides actors with scenes from plays that may be used for videos, reels, class and auditions.

10 Scripted Scenes from Modern Day Writing

What if death makes thou nightmare grow worse?” from Bounty of the Sun
A period drama written in verse that explores two samurai who need to come to terms with a tragedy they both share.

You don’t seem to ever get past the thought.”  from The Arrangement
Hardwicke hired Carpenter for a contract on his life, but Carpenter seems to have no intention of honoring it and much rather enjoy his new living quarters instead.

Last night was the most unusual night.”  from I Saw Two Clouds in the Sky Kiss Once
Luna is staying in a rehab center but in order for her to heal, she needs to have someone say something true for once.

It is life’s nature to make us evolve…”  from Petals From a Rose
After many years of not being together, Clifford bumps into his former love Margaret and explains to her why they were never meant to be.

You ain’t ever been kissed before?”  from Cartwheel Leaf
While working over the weekend at the circus as a summer job, Filipina speaks to her friend Liza about a guy named Cricket that she likes, but Riza shares info on Cricket that isn’t good.

I feel a lot calmer watching the rain out there.”  from Keep Me A Fool
Fiona stumbles to regain her footing after parting ways with her long-time publisher.

I fell here, like an angel.” from Goldfish
After spending almost every cent of his inheritance, Cameron has only just begun to recognize all the damage he has done to himself and other people.

I did something I shouldn’ta done.” from Man in the Picture Frame
While looking out her apartment window, Wilma spot Jarott, a man hellbent on getting away from something.  Wilma offers to hide him but not without making a deal.

There windows didn’t have light.” from Cuts
Even after Dawn’s death, she and Grant find ways to communicate within the nature of their relationship.

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