10 Short Act Narratives for Film Creators

10 Short Act Narratives for Film Creators shares 10 play scenes and monologues from short act scripts ripe for film production.

10 Short Act Narratives for Film Creators

What’s wrong with a bit of fun?” from I’M SORRY YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL (scene from script)
Jake and Amanda have been a passionate pair ever since they hooked up in the after hours of performing in a Broadway show together, but their apparent recklessness may be getting in the way of their professionalism.

I was kicked out from the North Pole.” from THE TOY TRAIN (scene from script)
A rebel Elf was tossed out from Santa’s workshop and traveled to New York for the Christmas season, only to encounter a man named Bill who is trying to visit his son in a hospital.  The two have a conversation that sheds light on both of their situations.

AN ALIEN KEEPS STEALING MY BEER (monologue from script)
Noel is having one hell of a time catching the little gray alien that keeps stealing his beers.

What the hell you doing out in the rain?”  from DRENCHED TO THE BONE (scene from script)
Miles unexpectedly visits his ex-girlfriend’s apartment with the intention of simply seeing her face again, but after only a short stay the two quickly begin arguing over things that should be over between them.

WALTER’S STUDY (monologue from script)
A father/son story where the son is trying to come to terms with why is father doesn’t treat him with any love whatsoever.

10 Monologues and Scenes for Movie Makers

THE WELL SPOKEN (monologue from script)
Frederick does not know how to handle his obese son which sparks a decision making argument with his wife over what they should do to help him.

OTTO AND SANDRA (monologue from script)
Sandra would love nothing more than to get married and start a family with the man she loves but the man she loves doesn’t wish to get married and only wants a baby.

NOTHIN’ BUT GOOD THINGS (monologue from script)
Betty Sue tried her hand at becoming a famous musician and failed.  Now she’s back in town talking with her ex-boyfriend who still wants closure even though he has gotten married with children of his own.

Maybe you’re having a mental breakdown of some sort?” from ICE CREAM FROM A WINDOW (scene from script)
Cathy hasn’t felt like herself for quite some time but now she’s having random outbursts at strangers because she is finding it harder to contain her emotions.

Are you really so hurt?” from LET THE WORLD SEE US (scene from script)
Simon has everything he could ever want and still isn’t happy, so much so that he is willing to sell off his business and assets to find himself.

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