10 Theatrical Scenarios for Developing Actors

10 Theatrical Scenarios for Developing Actors gives artists modern day scripts to build your craft with colleagues in drama class.

10 Theatrical Scenarios for Developing Actors

You know I couldn’t have loved him.” from Gleam of Dawn
Annie is unhappy because she knows that she married the wrong brother because of financial security, when she really loves the struggling artist instead.

I was kicked out from the North Pole.” from The Toy Train
A rebellious elf from the North Pole meets a troubled father on a train platform during Christmas.

May I read the letter?” from Agatha’s Letter
One year to the day a letter is received by Milo from his deceased wife.

Your work is killing us.” from The Machine
Griffin wants a better life for his family but doesn’t know how to break free from his current job.  Things only get worse when he contemplates how his close friend died on the job.

I needed the pain but I can’t understand it.” from The Next Chapter
Emily has returned home a failed musician and suffering from the aftermath of broken love.  She shares her story with her best friend.

10 Theatre Concepts for Actor Scenes from Plays

Why you in so much pain?” from Better Days
Miles is in a bad way and doesn’t have the money to enter his room unless he pays Karen, the motel manage the rent he owes.

You said you hate teaching.” from No Shadow Can Touch
After suffering a terrible leg injury, Rick can no longer have a career as a professional dancer.  He reconsiders teaching and isn’t sure this will bring him fulfillment.

Aren’t you tired of being insane?” from House on the Left
Sharon and Bruce have had their marriage on the rocks for quite some time.  Sharon has decided that she’s going to leave on a long vacation in order to see if that will give them time away from one another to rethink their happiness.

Isn’t that a strange question in the literal sense?” from A Leave of Absence
Mr. Putnam and Leslie have a meeting about Leslie taking some time off from work, but there is more left unsaid beneath the surface.

Why ain’t you been around the house?” from Not When You’re Around
Ada and her father Barney have always had a hot and cold relationship, but things seem to have gone worse, until Barney confronts his daughter.

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