10 Short Film Concepts for the Creative Mind

10 Short Film Concepts for the Creative Mind showcases ten play scripts that may be adapted into short film projects.

What’s good about the story concepts below is that they offer minimal characters oftentimes in a single location.  This helps with budget.

10 Short Film Concepts for the Creative Mind

What’s so wrong with the outside world?” from The Man in Dark Glasses
A brilliant mathematician who time travels struggles with a solution to a problem he is working on.

I constantly have people calling me up, complainin’ about you.” from Up the Line
Gino wants to see Paulie settled in his life, but Paulie wants to continue being a renegade.

I have an ego cause I’ve earned my ego.” from Mr. Bad Mood
Vince’s father refuses to leave his post at the lighthouse, causing concern among the staff.  Vince takes a boat to the lighthouse, arriving to see his father in a strange state and learning the truth as to why.

I didn’t just make the decision, it was decided a while ago.” from Mad to the Core
Phebe feels as though she needs to distance herself from her boyfriend after she learns about the death of her father.

We’ve tried everything, haven’t we?”  from A Shade or Two Darker
Lyndon and Gertrude try to come to terms with their teenage son’s rebelliousness regarding the color of his skin.

10 Film Story Conepts from 1 Act Play Scripts

Why don’t they ever wave back to me?” from The Windowsill
Young Jimmy has tragically lost his parents in an accident and is now being taken care of by this Uncle Fritz, but Jimmy claims to see his parents when he looks through a window at a specific time.

Makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.”  from The Last Person
While Susan relaxes on a park bench she gets approached by a stranger and has an uncomfortable encounter.

What’s wrong with a bit of fun?” from I’m Sorry You’re So Beautiful
Jake and Amanda have an unreal connection but it’s greatly affecting their professional life in a negative way.

Out there in the wild, safe from responsibility.” from The Handle of the Blade
A period drama about a King who admits to his loyal knight that he does in fact have an heir to the throne.

Tell me something about yourself…anything.” from The Dancing Man
While driving a rented car, Max and Bree hear banging coming from the trunk.  When they open the trunk they meet a man who doesn’t speak and only wishes to dance barefoot.

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