10 Scripted Journeys from Theater to Screen

10 Scripted Journeys from Theater to Screen have wonderful possibilities to turn short scripts into short movie experiences.

10 Scripted Journeys from Theater to Screen

I dove through a second story window.” from Before the Night Blows Cold
Billy is physically hurt and seeks refuge at Azumi’s apartment for refuge.

Be calm cause she’s sensitive.” from Tina, Hank, Hank, Tina 
Hank is visiting Marv after receiving a disturbing call about a life and death situation, which has only escalating into an absurd situation when he gets introduced to Tina.

You think this is a game, movie star?”  from The Side of the Mississippi
Quinn is a busboy at his local diner and miserable.  When criminal couple Que and Schelp enter the diner, Quinn tries to get a new job by being part of their crew.

Okay, let’s stop it there for a moment.” from Across the Face
Mumford is a theatre director who borrowed money from his ex-brother-in-law to put up a show, but when his ex-brother-in-law shows up at a rehearsal, all hell breaks loose.

Should be gettin’ some kind of reward for this.” from Talk of Th’ Town
Pete can’t stomach his wife’s cooking but doesn’t have the heart to tell her.  It’s the holiday season and she is cooking non-stop.  In order to survive, he’s invited his good friend Drew, to join him in his agony.

10 Scripted Stories from Theatre to Screen

Am I breaking your trust?” from Extra Garlic
When a gangster shows up at a restaurant demanding how he wants his sauce cooked, the tables get turned around as to the reason why he’s so demanding in the first place.

What the hell is going on here?” from Number 23
Cal shows up with his ticket to retrieve his items at the laundry mat, but all does not go as planned.

Do you think he will hate me forever?” from No Goodbye
Bob and Ally are breaking up and try to figure out who their beloved dog Dutchie should stay with.

What do you do for a living?” from Over the Moon
A miraculous first date for the ages, two people destined to be together for the rest of their lives, however, there’s one small problem…they are from different time periods in history.

Maybe you’re having a mental breakdown of some sort.” from Ice Cream from a Window
Cathy is buckling under the family pressure that she’s been coping with and the seams are starting to show when she meets a friend at an ice cream parlor.

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