15 Free Monologues for Teenagers

15 Free Monologues for Teenagers is a collection of drama/comedy pieces for teens to use for auditions, videos, reels, class or competition.

Topics include vulnerability, intelligence, crime, eternity, exaggeration, mischief and many other subjects.

15 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Protective Shield – Rita has the hardest time being ‘soft’ with people she cares deeply about and in this monologue she discusses her troubling time with being more vulnerable.
  2. Let Me Exercise My Own Brain – Liora needs air, her father smothers her with too much control which stems from the fact that he lost his other daughter, Hannah.
  3. You Make Everything So Dramatic – Matt tries to get his friend to stop being such a neurotic when it comes to girls.
  4. Sly Statements – this monologue piece is about treating your boyfriend/girlfriend with respect and not taking them for granted.
  5. The Pit of My Stomach – Nina has an difficult relationship with her father because they survive life by hustling and committing criminal acts.
  6. A Walk In The Sun – Alderon is a vampire and isn’t sure he should turn his human girlfriend into what he has been for hundreds of years.
  7. Can I Tell You Something? – Jasmine confesses to her best friend that she doesn’t like the guy she’s been dating.
  8. Scratched Open and Bleeding – Kelly loves her younger sister and in this monologue she talks to her about not listening to every little thing her friends tell her to do.
  9. Since Childhood – Zoe is in love with her best friend Ricky and while he visits town from college, she does her best to end their friendship, since he claims he loves someone else.
  10. Growing A Full Mustache – Tim wants to be a full grown man and the way he tries to make this happen quicker is by growing a mustache.  Sort of.
  11. Born To Be A Troublemaker – Pella tells her cousin off by issuing a warning to her while attending a family gathering.
  12. Endless – Billy goes on a rant about why he doesn’t like all the kids at his school.
  13. The Dog Didn’t Pee In Your Sneaker – Pete pees in the sneaker of a guest from school that visits his house.
  14. Mind Travel Journeys – Mason opens up to his Grandfather about why he likes space so much.
  15. A Higher Level of Talk – Bart has failed big time with a hot girl he was kicking it to because of his own ignorance to important subject matters.


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