9 Intriguing Scenes for a Pair of Performers

9 Intriguing Scenes for a Pair of Performers serves actors with two person theater scripts with solid duet scenes from short published plays.

9 Intriguing Scenes for a Pair of Performers

I feel like I’m walking in another body sometimes.” from Sleepless Nights
Carlotta’s life on the surface seems to have been going well, but beneath the surface Carlotta wishes to return to the life she used to have.

What if death makes thou nightmare grow worse?” from Bounty of the Sun
A short play written in verse about a samurai living in regret for the murder of a prince.

You don’t seem to ever get past the thought.”  from The Arrangement
Hardwicke hired Carpenter for a contract on his life, but instead of fulfilling his contract obligation, Carpenter is enjoying the atmosphere and amenities.

I have an ego cause I’ve earned my ego.” from Mr. Bad Mood
Vince is forced to take a boat to the lighthouse where his father works and who has deliberately refused communication.

I’m willing to die for you.” from Act of Pure Love
Saul and Nicki are on the verge of breaking up and Saul does the only thing he understands to communicate his undying loyalty and love for Nicki.

9 Expressive Scenes for a Pair of Performers

I didn’t just make the decision, it was decided a while ago.”  from Mad to the Core
Phebe has just learned of the news about her father’s passing.  When her boyfriend Dean comes home, she tells him that she thinks she needs to start herself on a new life path.

I’d like to go away” from Holding on to Time
Although Patricia loves her father and shows him sympathy for their mutual loss of her mother, she still finds it difficult to interact with him in a comfortable manner.

Thought we had something’ goin’ on.” from Wonderland
Lexi learns of her co-workers desperate need to go back home, but either way Ronda turns is danger.  Lexi comes up with a plan to help save her friend.

I love you too, dear, just not that way.” from Vague Stone
Robert is a famous and successful fashion designer who doesn’t believes he has lost his way and settled in as a sell out.

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