10 Partner Scenes from Stage Plays

10 Partner Scenes from Stage Plays offers actors ten brief scenes extracted from contemporary one-act plays published by Monologue Blogger.

10 Partner Scenes from Stage Plays

I did something I shouldn’ta done.” – Man in the Picture Frame
Wilma spots Jarott fleeing from her apartment window and offers an invitation to him, leading to an unexpected encounter.

Isn’t that a strange question in the literal sense?” – A Leave of Absence
Leslie pays a visit to her boss, Mr. Putnam, seeking a break from work. However, as their conversation unravels, Mr. Putnam expresses more than just concern for Leslie.

Their windows didn’t have light.” – Cuts
Grant and Dawn possess the extraordinary ability to communicate across dimensions, bridging the gap between their separate worlds.

You gettin’ a motorbike?” – The World Changed Colour
Two friends contemplate purchasing a motorbike as a symbol of liberation, offering comfort in the face of their shared losses.

You love this woman?” from Another Story Written
Moe talks to his buddy Joe about his confusion over whether or not he’s able to go all the way with the woman he thinks he loves.

10 Scenes Extracted from 1 Act Plays

I don’t wish to hurt him in that way.” – Yell, Kick and Scream
Two men engage in a contemplative discussion about hiring a friend for a job which further leads them into their own personal struggles.

We had the most wonderful time in those years.” – Tomorrow Will Be
Edward’s mother claims that she has been spending quality time with her deceased husband and she doesn’t doubt it for a single second.

It’s all written across your face.” – Final Curtain
Frank has come to his final performance inside a theater he loves deeply all because the theater is about to shut down for good.

Told her I’d stick around, as long as she stuck around…” – Gone Too Soon
Tarva does her best to take care of her father while he makes no effort to recover from the loss of losing his wife.

You have an exit plan, I don’t.” – One Way Road
Pedro is always getting bothered by his friend Barb and all the problems she constantly unpacks on him.

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