9 Production Scenes for Filmmaking Practice

9 Production Scenes for Filmmaking Practice offers shooting scenes from scripts for filmmakers to master their storytelling skills.

If you want more of a challenge than shooting a scene, you are also welcome to adapt the entire short script into a short film for non-commercial purposes.

9 Production Scenes for Filmmaking Practice

I was hoping to drown myself in my pool today.” from BUCK’S LAST STRAW
Buck shows up at his friend Rick’s place looking to stay over because of another terrible argument he’s had with his wife.

I don’t have the power to make anyone give a damn.” from CIRCLES UNDER OUR EYES
Bordy is meeting his mother at a diner in order to ask her for money so that he may make his rent.

I wouldn’t even go was far as to call me your friend.” from STARS OF THE DESERT
After Chip receives a strange call from his father, he shows up at his trailer to investigate what exactly is going on.

Been meaning to fire him for months now.” from UNDER THE IMPRESSION
Terry is a writing who is called in by a publisher to meet in person with regards to the possibility of publishing his novel.

This place is messy, but I’ve always been messy.” from TO THE WOLVES
Even though Sally is down on her luck financially, her friend Kim still comes down on her further in order to get Sally motivated.

What are you doing here at this hour?” from UNKNOWN PIECES
Tessy and Dana discuss the unusual disappearance of a person they both know and try to justify whether or not the person followed the ‘rules’.

I didn’t just make the decision, it was decided a while ago.” from MAD TO THE CORE
When Phebe learns of the death of her father, everything she’s been holding back on doing suddenly rises to the surface begging for release.

I feel like I’m walking in another body sometimes.” from SLEEPLESS NIGHTS
Carlotta is happy in her marriage but explains to her mother that she has neglected her passion for making music and wishes to go back into it.

I didn’t do enough, I could have given more.” from NOWHERE NEAR HAPPY
A short scene that reveals the nature of Ava’s relationship with her parents when it comes to the subject of money.

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