10 Scenes for Classroom Study

10 Scenes for Classroom Study shares 10 scenes for drama teachers and students to work on from short published theatre scripts.

10 Scenes for Classroom Study

I’ve been so unbearably disappointed in you for years.” from LAST LINE OF DEFENSE
Two longtime friends meet in order to find a solution for a business construction that has been given pause.

I didn’t do enough, I could have given more.” from NOWHERE NEAR HAPPY
Ava is a teen entrepreneur who has done well with her business and wishes to help her parents out financially, despite their pride.

Been meaning to fire him for months now.” from UNDER THE IMPRESSION
When called in to a meeting with a publishing company, Roland believes that they would like to publish his novel, but things don’t go according to what he had imagined.

I was hoping to drown myself in my pool today.” from BUCK’S LAST STRAW
Once again Buck shows up at his buddies house to stay over fore the next few nights until he works things out with his wife.

Be calm cause she’s sensitive.” from TINA, HANK, HANK, TINA
Hank rushes to his brother’s aid when he finds out his life is being threatened by a man he owes money to but things get absurd when he arrives.

10 Scenes for Classroom Study Teaching

We’ve been taking things much too far. ” from ALTERNATIVE ENDING
Alan begins to realize that his family’s greed is not only damaging to how they do business but damaging to them as a family.

The kiss that started it all that night.” from WITH A BROKEN WING
Bob is in love with Lea, even though she treats him bad and isn’t going to the prom with him.  He still wishes to go out with her and even buy her the prom dress she wants because he cares about her so much.

I’m willing to die for you.” from ACT OF PURE LOVE
As an act of pure love, Saul cuts off one of his body parts and offers it up to his ex-girlfriend as a way to win her back.

I dove through a second floor window.” from BEFORE THE NIGHT BLOWS COLD
Billy has ignored his girlfriend for months and suddenly knocks on her door begging for help because men are out to kill him.

Out there in the wild, safe from responsibility.” from THE HANDLE OF THE BLADE
King Larneth is not well and while under the watchful eye of his beloved knight, confesses to having a son out of wedlock without anyone else aware of it.

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