10 New Plays for College Students

10 New Plays for College Students brings together 10 dramatic new plays for college auditions or class.  The 10 new plays shared here are 10 minutes long.

10 New Plays for College Students

AT THE PARTY (1 woman 1 man)
Tom feels good about himself because he finally got verbally even with a family friend he can’t stomach at all the family gatherings. He brags to his wife about his satisfying moment but before he can truly celebrate, he finds out that the man he creatively insulted suffered a heart attack.

Nora attends a group meeting with other mothers who blame themselves for permanently damaging their children unintentionally.  The value of motherhood and accident collide as these women try to find clarity and forgiveness inside themselves.

DARLING FACE (1 woman 1 man)
Beverly has been living a mundane life, feeling trapped in a bubble of boredom.  When she attempts to go for a drive and her husband’s truck breaks down, she reaches her emotional limit.

DARK PLACE (2 men)
Jeffrey receives a visitation from an actor friend after stabbing and almost killing a theatre director.

DEAD WEIGHT (1 woman 1 man)
Tia is in love with her co-worker Cris but Cris has bouts with drug addiction and alcohol abuse. He is planning to leave town and make way for a new chapter in his life but not without getting hit with a dose of truth from Tia before he checks out.

10 Powerful New Plays for College Students

Kyra and her boyfriend Mickey have been together for a number of years. The nature of their relationship is tumultuous and has reached a new level of dramatic insanity.

Jerzy gets coldly informed that he won’t be taking over the motel business from his father. This puts Jerzy in a terrible bind due to the fact that he has a wife and child to think about. To make matters even worse, a dark family secret gets unveiled that completely destroys everything Jerzy has ever known.

This play takes place during a major sandstorm, which forces the characters to be on edge and release emotional baggage more impulsively.  Quinn wants a new life and when a car crashes through the diner he works in, he may just get his chance.

THE SIGNING (2 women 1 man)
Eliza is about to get married but her soon to be hands her a prenuptial agreement which completely terminates the trust she thought they had together. Eliza expresses her concerns to her best friend and in the midst of making a decision as to what to do next, her soon to be shows up.

UNDERWHELM (1 woman 1 man)
Underwhelm explores the world of Wilma, a woman who works at the post office and has nothing else going on for herself in her life. She opens up to her co-worker about what she’s undergoing and he may have a magical place he can take her to that will change her life forever.

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