10 Best Plays for Classroom Production

10 Best Plays for Classroom Production is a resource of theatre scripts for drama teachers developing actors scene study technique.

The stage plays presented here are short story pieces (one-acts) with small cast, dominated by a single location.  Running time is approximately 7-15 minutes in duration.

Each title link below will take you to a scene snippet from the actual play.  All plays shared here are available for classroom production for non-commercial performance.

If you happen to be searching for Teen Scenes for your acting students, Monologue Blogger provides a growing collection of plays for teens.

10 Best Plays for Classroom Production

Are we being like those people in the movie, Gus?” from FALL NO FURTHER
When Gus goes to throw out the trash, Mel stops him claiming that she has a bad feeling about him leaving the house.

If he was thinking of you he would have thought otherwise.” from ROCK SOLID
Lara talks to her father about the guy she’s dating and wonders if she should continue seeing him.

I only wish to live my life how I wish to live it.” from ONCE IN A RIVER BLUE
Willy boy is crushing on Solume but realizes that perhaps he’s been invading Solume’s space.

Communication doesn’t always take place through words.” from WALTER’S STUDY
Walter is much too busy to deal with his son Franklin’s neediness, which he claims is nothing more than a lack of focus on the other things that matter.

You expecting me to make a confession?” from CRACK IN STONE
August doesn’t seems to stop questioning his wife as to whether or not their daughter is his biological one.  (period drama)

10 Modern Day Plays for Classroom Production

And is that supposed to upset me?” from TOMORROW THE SUN WILL SHINE
For his own reasons Dwight broke things off with the only woman he has ever truly loved.

I don’t have the power to make anyone give a damn.” from CIRCLES UNDER OUR EYES
Once again, Bordy is meeting his mother not so much to see how she is but to ask her for money.

You always get headaches when we talk past a third grade level.” from THE LAST M&M SAMURAI
While hanging out with his friend Joe, Dan shares what he believes is his deep philosophy of his favorite snack.

We can change your circuitry by rewiring your brain.” from RAISON D’ETRE
Marlo is stuck on believing his entire life is screw up all because of a single event that happened to him early in his youth.

Build me a rocket ship.” from DARLING FACE
Beverly has been unhappy but has come up with an amazing solution for her woes, she wishes her husband to build her a rocket ship.

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