11 Best One-Act Theatre Plays for Competition

11 Best One-Act Theatre Plays for Competition shares original story content, unique characters and emotional perspective for the stage.

11 Best One-Act Theatre Plays for Competition

Last night was the most unusual night.” from I SAW TWO CLOUDS IN THE SKY KISS ONCE
Luna is staying in a private rehab facility where things don’t function the way that they should.

Maybe you’re having a mental breakdown of some sort?” from ICE CREAM FROM A WINDOW
Cathy meets her friend Barb at their local ice cream parlor, but Cathy isn’t in her right state of mind and has emotional outbursts towards her friend and random strangers.

How do you get used to all the blood?” from HUSH
Luciana holds a meeting with a plastic surgeon in order to bribe her to perform a botch procedure on a celebrity.

What’s so wrong with the outside world?” from THE MAN IN DARK GLASSES
A time traveling math genius visits a pub because he is smitten with the owner.

Makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.” from THE LAST PERSON
A simple question from one stranger to the other turns into an uncomfortably intense situation pretty quickly.

It is life’s nature to make us evolve.” from PETALS FROM A ROSE
After years have gone by without seeing one another, former lovers Clifford and Margaret come together to try to find the answers as to why their love remained isolated.

11 Competitive Theatre Play Scripts for Actor Festivals

I wish you would explode like a grenade.” from SEE ME AS A STRANGER
Tammy demands that Gordy provides a better life for their daughter despite the fact that they aren’t together and his efforts seem aimless.

I fell here, like an angel.” from THE GOLDFISH
When Cameron received his inheritance he went on a party spree that cost him everything he ever believed in.

I did something I shouldn’ta have done.” from MAN IN THE PICTURE FRAME
Jarrot is on the run from the cops when Wilma spots him from her window and invites him into her place to hide and make a promiscuous deal.

Isn’t that a strange question in the literal sense?” from A LEAVE OF ABSENCE
Mr. Putnam is concerned with an employee he is also secretly in love with because of her erratic and dysfunctional behavior as of late.

Why are you saying sorry to me?” from MR. DUDLEY
Anne has her hands full as she is the sole caretaker responsible for her younger brother.

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