16 Free Monologues for Teenagers

16 Free Monologues for Teenagers are for young actors searching for audition material, competitions/contests, High School Drama Class or digital video.

Topics include first love, suicide, heartbreak, respect, integrity, foodies, privacy, career and more.

16 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Faces I Know – Pete talks to his horse Freedom while out having a walk in a field.
  2. Detention – Catherine goes into a monologue about a boy she knew that committed suicide from her High School.
  3. Chasing Jeremy – Kimberly talks to her Aunt about a boy she likes at school.
  4. Baby Whale – Catalina is deeply her about not seeming to fit in with a group of friends and she tries to cover up her emotions when speaking to her Grandmother.
  5. Real Dad – Ashley talks to her father one on one about his drinking problem.
  6. What’s Your Deal? – Ron occasionally feels left out with his good friend Cher whenever hey hang out in groups.
  7. Sponge – Kildra has only been dating her new boyfriend for one week and already feel smothered.
  8. Please Don’t Send Me – Military school is around the corner if Henry doesn’t start acting accordingly.
  9. Nothing Is Ever Lost – Sarah gives her sister encouragement even after the fact that they’ve both just had a terrible argument.
  10. Better Light – Catherine stands up for herself because she doesn’t like the choice of words her boyfriend uses with her at times.
  11. Girl I Want – Clarence gives his cousin advice on his girl trouble.
  12. Anything Sweet Stays – Carolina has weight issues and does all that she can to the best of her ability to stay fit based on what she eats.
  13. Space – Tobey is growing up fast and demands more privacy from his mother.
  14. Ask Her Out – Daniel likes his best friend’s sister and in this monologue he talks to him about asking her out.
  15. Corner Store – Jasmine talks to her best friend about her partying too hard, too often.
  16. Over and Over Again – Conor isn’t exactly sure what career path he wishes to follow within his life and talks to his Uncle about it.

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