14 Scenes from Plays for Drama Teachers

14 Scenes from Plays for Drama Teachers shares short drama scripts from play acts, useful for drama class student study.

14 Scenes from Plays for Drama Teachers

If he was thinking’ of you, he would have thought otherwise.” from ROCK SOLID
Fritz tries to give his daughter guidance while at the same time making room for her to make her own life decisions.

Communication doesn’t always take place through words.” from WALTER’S STUDY
All Franklin wishes for is that his father would show him love and respect when all he receives is hostility.

I only want to live my life how I wish to live it.” from ONCE IN A RIVER BLUE
Willy Boy begins to realize that he may have been unintentionally crowding Solume’s space by getting too close to her too fast.

Won’t he blame me for all of this?” from RED ROOM
Morgan challenges Kelly’s morals by asking her to fire her co-worker in order to obtain her promotion.

Can I have a bowl of your finest oysters?” from VIN ROGUE
Rihanna challenges Cosmo by saying she’s off for New York and his reaction is not what she expected.

You’re expecting me to make a confession?” from CRACKS IN STONE
A period drama in which August questions his wife over the validity of their daughter being his biological child.

That ship has sailed, don’t you think?” from NO RETURNS
Shanice and Justine feel as though they have gone as far as they can go in their relationship.

14 Drama Teacher Scenes from Stage Play Acts

I’ve been so unbearably disappointed in you for years.” from LAST LINE OF DEFENSE
Mr. Rogers pays a visit to Mrs. Helmsley in order to convince her to convince her husband to green light his building construction in town.

He never made me feel bad about myself.” from NO HARM, NO FOUL
As Dean and Buddy mourn the loss of their best friend, they begin to question and get upset over the fact that no one else cared to show up at the wake.

I didn’t do enough, I good have given more.” from NOWHERE NEAR HAPPY
All Ava wishes to do is help her mother and father out financially and because they won’t accept her helping hand, conflict ensues between them all.

Been meaning to fire him for months now…” from UNDER THE IMPRESSION
Roland is a writer who arrives at a publishing house to meet with an agent named Terry, only to find out that he is being offered a different type of opportunity.

I was hoping to drown myself in my pool today.”  from BUCK’S LAST STRAW
While Buck keep ice held to his chin, he explains how much he loves his wife, even though she continues to physically harm him.

I don’t have the power to make anyone give a damn.” from CIRCLES UNDER OUR EYES
Bordy meets with his mother at a local diner so that he can hit her up for some money so that he can pay his bills.

You can believe what you wanna believe.” from THE OTHER HALF OF MADELINE
Luke finally works up the nerve to ask his mother about how his younger sister really died.

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