10 Scenes from Scripts on Couple Issues

10 Scenes from Scripts on Couple Issues provides actors with character conflict based on the ups and downs of relationships.

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10 Scenes from Scripts on Couple Issues

The stories selected here cover topics on social anxiety, escape, mental illness, career path, defending yourself emotionally and much more.

I gave you what I promised.” —Ronon from NIGHT OF THE PARTY
Ronon îs more of an introvert and Paggie is extrovert on steroids and the two clash before a night out because Ronon wishes to stay home.

You really think we gonna make it to France?”  —Priscilla from SINGLE HAPPY MOMENT
Priscilla and her boyfriend Doug are on the run for their lives.  They plan on getting on a boat for France and have been hiding out.

It is life’s nature to make us evolve.” —Clifford from PETALS FROM A ROSE
Clifford and Margaret have always been deeply in love but were forced to part ways before making their journey together due to Clifford’s illness.

Didn’t you say you were inviting me out?”  —Philip from CHARADE
Reginald and Philip play a game of cat and mouse over who is supposed to pay the check at their favorite restaurant next.

I feel a lot calmer watching the rain out there.”  —Fiona from KEEP ME A FOOL
Fiona is not herself after breaking things off with her publisher and friend after a major creative disagreement.  This leaves Fiona questioning everything about her life, including her relationship with Julian.

10 Scripted Scenes on Couple Problems

Won’t you just look at that sky.”  Betty Sue from NOTHIN’ BUT GOOD THINGS
After years have gone by Betty Sue is home visiting when she encounters her ex who needs to have closure.

I wouldn’t go near her.” —Martin from LOVE IS A STRONG WORD
Martin visits his girlfriend Mischa at college to discover that she wishes to break up with him so that she may explore a different option.

I don’t wish to be like everybody else.” —Sandra from OTTO AND SANDRA
Sandra wants more of a commitment and Otto doesn’t want marriage and wishes to have a baby with her.

I try to figure out all the ways I can make a change.Cade from AIN’T THAT LIVIN’
Cade swears up and down to his wife that his meditations have been helping him and that it won’t be long before she sees significant changes in him.

You said you hate teaching.Ally from NO SHADOW CAN TOUCH
After suffering an serious injury, Rick can no longer dance in shows to make a living and is considering teaching in order to provide for his family.

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