10 Play Scenes to Adapt into Film

10 Play Scenes to Adapt into Film makes room for story lines with minimal characters and locations for low budget filmmaking/producing.

10 Play Scenes to Adapt into Film

How do you get used to all the blood?” from HUSH (drama)
Hush takes place inside of an office type setting and takes place between two women.  One woman is a studio executive and the other is a plastic surgeon.

Didn’t you say you were inviting me out?”  from CHARADE (drama)
Charade takes place inside a restaurant and is between two men.  Philip and Reginald debate over who should pay for the dinner bill.

What do you do for a living?” from OVER THE MOON (romantic comedy)
This script takes place in a park at a park bench between a woman and man.  It is a romantic comedy between two people on a first date who come from different time periods in history.

What the hell is going on here?”  from NUMBER 23 (absurd drama comedy)
This is an eerie comedy taking place inside a laundry mat.  A man enters the shop to pick up clothing but finds out it was deliberately thrown out.  There are three people in this story.

There’s a lot you Doni’t know about fashion.” from MEDIUM (comedy)
Derek can’t seem to figure out that he isn’t considered a large man and he defends himself based on the size clothing he wears.  There are two people in this story and location is set in a house.

10 Scenes for Film Adaptation

Can I confess something to you?” from WAKING HOURS (dark humor)
Willis is devastated by the supposed suicide of a bird he observed smashing into a windowed building.  Takes place anywhere. Between two people.

I’m willing to die for you.” from ACT OF PURE LOVE (dark humor/drama)
Saul and Nicki have sort of broken up but Saul decides to show his true loyalty to Nicki by cutting off one of his fingers.  Cast of two.

Thought we had somethin’ going on.” from WONDERLAND (drama)
Ronda isn’t stuck at a crossroads unsure if she should go back home or continue on with her unruly life in the city.  Two women, story takes place outdoors.

Maybe you’re having a mental breakdown of some sort.” from ICE CREAM FROM A WINDOW (drama/serio-comedy)
Cathy meets her dear friend Barbra at their local ice cream parlor but Cathy seems to be in a bad mood, so much so that she has emotional outbursts while talking.

Why don’t they ever wave back to me?” from THE WINDOWSILL (drama/magical realism)
Jimmy is a boy who has lost his parents due to an accident but he tell his caretaker Uncle Fritz that he can still see them through a window.

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