11 Scenes for Film Students

11 Scenes for Film Students provides filmmakers with training scenes from scripts to practice their production craft.

11 Scenes for Film Students

He never made me feel bad about myself, and I have a ton of nonsense to feel bad about.” from NO HARM NO FOUL
Cuddy and Dean are bothered by the fact that no one else has attended their friend’s wake.

I’ve been so unbearably disappointed in you for years.” from LAST LINE OF DEFENSE
Mr. Rogers visits his longtime friend Mrs. Helmsley over trying to convince her husband to provide the necessary permits for building his hotel.

Been meaning to fire him for months now.” from UNDER THE IMPRESSION
Roland visits a publishing agent with the hope that his novel will get published, but instead he learns a strange lesson.

I don’t have the power to make anyone give a damn.” from CIRCLES UNDER OUR EYES
Bordy has to work up the nerve to ask his mother for money so that he can catch up on his bills.

I’ve failed my descendants.” from THE GHOSTS OF MY ANCESTORS
Tiara tries to figure out a plan with her uncle about how they can rescue their beloved family estate.

11 Practice Scenes for Film Director Students

I know you well enough to know you’re a decent human being.” from WINTER WILL NEVER END
Jason is depressed working as a bus boy at a catering hall while watching the woman he loves celebrate being married.

You can believe what you wanna believe.” from THE OTHER HALF OF MADELINE
Luke questions his mother for the truth over how his younger sister really died.

I didn’t just make the decision, it was decided a while ago.” from MAD TO THE CORE
The death of Phebe’s father has opened her eyes to her own life and how she hasn’t truly been living it.

What’s so wrong with the outside world?” from THE MAN IN DARK GLASSES
A genius mathematician who can time travel shares his woes with a woman who owns a bar he frequents.

Makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.” from THE LAST PERSON
While trying to enjoy relaxing on a park bench, Susan encounters a strange man who has a horrible story to share with her.

Have you seen my garden?” from MAILBOX MARVIN
Marvin has reached the end of his treatment, which means the end of his existence.

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