15 Published Scripts for All Ages

15 Published Scripts for All Ages can be shared online for video projects, non-profit films, drama class, actor demo reels and auditions/casting workshops.

Topics include mythical tales, dating, competition, friendship, brotherhood, pregnancy, self-fulfillment and more.

15 Published Scripts for All Ages

  1. Ask Out Samantha Scheme – a group of elderly men compete to ask out a woman they all like.
  2. Hat, Brother of Mine – two brothers, two crooks living together and dealing with the everyday drama of their relationship.
  3. Fully Circle – two long time friends who parted ways years prior under bad terms, bump into one another.
  4. Holy Satisfied – two strangers meet and discuss a mythical concept that may or may not be true.
  5. Fear of the Fat Man – Willo is racist against heavyset people and what unfolds is pinpointing the source for his point of view.
  6. Five Year Break – Florence is an actress caught in a not so great theatre production.
  7. Screen Time – a legendary actress way past her prime discusses working in the entertainment industry again.
  8. Timid Tom – Tom is have problems with his wife.  She’s too busy and he’s not physically aggressive enough.
  9. Hard Up – An inexperienced crook gets himself into trouble while trying to pay off a debt.
  10. The Moan of Lisa – Angie helps her husband Marvelli figure out his new path to self-fulfillment.
  11. Name of the Man – Jimmy caused a tragic car accident while driving his car and worse…he also left the scene of the crime.
  12. All Night Giggles – two friends who are roommates compete with women.
  13. Dribs and Drabs – a short script that is open for any interpretation or meaning.
  14. Baby – a sister calls her older brother because she finds out she is accidentally pregnant by her boyfriend.
  15. Butter – a Grandfather talks to his Grandson about responsibility when it comes to a ‘science experiment project.’

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