10 Short Plays Ready for the Big Screen

10 Short Plays Ready for the Big Screen offers actors, filmmakers, creators and producers short play scripts for cinematic storytelling.

10 Short Plays Ready for the Big Screen

What’s wrong with a bit of fun?” from I’M SORRY YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL
Jake and Amanda are truly passionate for one another, the problem is that they can’t seem to keep it together while at work.

You have an exit plan, I don’t.” from ONE WAY ROAD
All Pedro wants to do is be alone and sulk in his misery while drinking his beer at the pub.  His good friend Babe shows up hitting him with all her problems, which is too much for Pedro to handle.

You know I couldn’t have loved him.” from GLEAM OF DAWN
Annie is married to James’ brother when all this time she has been truly in love with James.

Your work is killing us.” from THE MACHINE
Griffin has lost his friend on the job and questions his life and marriage in the face of the work that he does for a living.

You haven’t changed one bit?” from SCRATCHING THE SURFACE
Ouzo surprises his ex-girlfriend at her art gallery showing in the city, but he soon discovers that all isn’t great on her end of things.

10 Short Play Scripts for Film Adaptation

Why you wasting’ your time on a guy like me?” from EVERYONE’S CHASIN’ SOMETHING’
Clarence and Riza have been seeing one another but Clarence doesn’t have much of a path in life but Riza believes in him regardless.

Aren’t you tired of being insane?”  from HOUSE ON THE LEFT
Sharon must leave her husband to go on a holiday in order to salvage what remains of their conflicted marriage.

What the hell you doing out in the rain?” from DRENCHED TO THE BONE
Miles goes to see his ex-girlfriend Candace after their recent breakup and before long they argue, which is a reminder of why they shouldn’t be together in the first place.

Why are you saying sorry to me?” from MR. DUDLEY
Anne is her brother’s caretaker and some days are way more difficult than others.

Do you think he will hate me forever?” from NO GOODBYE
Ally and Bob are splitting up but they are having trouble figuring out who should continue taking care of their beloved dog Dutchie.

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