11 Play Excerpts to Transform into Cinema

11 Play Excerpts to Transform into Cinema makes room for bridging the worlds of theater and cinema through collaborative storytelling.

We’ve selected 11 one-act play stories to share scene snippets with you, so that you may get a solid feel on the characters, circumstances, location and relationships.

Keep in mind, these scripts are budget friendly and available for non-commercial projects.

11 Play Excerpts to Transform into Cinema

What’s so wrong with the outside world?” from THE MAN IN DARK GLASSES
The Man in Dark Glasses arrives at a particular location at a particular time in order to drink alone and observe the owner of the establishment.

Makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.” from THE LAST PERSON
An eccentric man enters a park and approaches a woman on a park bench to share a tragic story with her and question her about her shoes.

I constantly have people calling me up, complainin’ about you.” from UP THE LINE
Paulie is the biggest screw up in his family and neighborhood and Gino is the one saving grace for him.  Gino now wishes that Paulie would finally grow up and get his act together by marrying his girlfriend Tallulah.

Maybe you’re having a mental breakdown of some sort?” from ICE CREAM FROM A WINDOW
Cathy may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown because she can’t seem to control her sudden emotional outbursts in public.

How do you get used to all the blood?” from HUSH
Luciana has invited a plastic surgeon to her studio office in order to get the doctor to perform a botched surgery on someone.

11 Play Scenes for Theatre to Screen Adaptation

We’re here to talk about the truth.” from JULIA
Julia has been suffering from an unheard of spiritual condition, until she is discovered by Dr. Ava.

I ain’t no dreamer like you.” from INVISIBLE ROADS
Jud is willing to rob and steal in order to break free from her chains but her best friend doesn’t agree and may not be willing to help her.

You are far from sober girl.” from DAY FOLLOWS NIGHT
During the early morning hours of a cold night, Tyra calls on her friend Pina for help.  Pina comes to her aid and sees the state in which Tyra is in.

Didn’t you say you were inviting me out?” from CHARADE
Reginald and Philip create an unfriendly battle over paying the restaurant bill.

Why should your opinion matter to me?” from IMAGINED IT TO BE
A street hustler notices a young private school student constantly skipping school and the pair embark on an interesting friendship.

It angers me to remain quiet.” from A DECENT MAN
Fabian has a lot of bad ideas on his conscience and as a last resort he speaks to his dear friend Father Del Henney before he does something he may forever regret.

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