11 Short Screenplays to Make Your Next Short Film

11 Short Screenplays to Make Your Next Short Film showcases some of Monologue Blogger’s scripts for filmmaker students.

11 Short Screenplays to Make Your Next Short Film

Roxy and Harper are supposed to get married but after a horrific argument goes down between them, they aren’t sure it’s what they should do.

Dev likes Isabel but doesn’t know how to express it to her other than making fun of her and arguing.

Jackson is trying to run an ice cream truck business but his brother is nothing but a troublemaker.

Leslie and Roger both come from prominent families and are meeting for the first time for a walk.

DEAD GIRL (comedy)
Rex and Billy are in over their heads when they realize not only is their a dead woman in their living room but that she’s the wife of a notorious gangster.

11 Short Scripts for Filmmakers and Actors

Roma visits her agent unannounced because she’s fed up with being sent out and booking soap commercials.

QUE AND SCHELP (serio-comedy)
A couple on the run committing crimes across the country practice their skills in a motel room, so things go smoothly.

LAUNCH DATE (comedy)
Mr. Tandom instructs his butler on finding out more information on how he can get launched into space.

Muggs learns that the woman he is crushing on doesn’t like him, but his best friend instead.

SHRIBBLE (comedy)
Frank is reaching his breaking point by going vegan and doesn’t think he can survive without some of his beloved food.

BAD TALK (drama)
Dizzia tells her friend that the weird man who roams their neighborhood turns out to be someone related to her.

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