12 Published Scripts for Theatre Production

12 Published Scripts for Theatre Production shares short stage plays 10 minutes in duration with only two characters.

12 Published Scripts for Theatre Production

What’s wrong with a bit of fun?” from I’m Sorry You’re So Beautiful
Amanda and Jake are passionate about one another, but things continually get out of control and Amanda thinks they should pull back.

You make me feel nonexistent.” from Jef
Jef is a humanoid meant to replace Landia’s fiancé but Landia believes she is ready to move on completely and start a new life for herself.

Maybe there’s beauty in self-sacrifice.” from Fever Dream
Reggie finds it difficult to bring herself to the hospital where her father is and so she stops off at a pub and discovers insight from the bartender.

I’m not throwing you anywhere.” from The Echoes of Our Existence
Seanna challenges Hopper in ways that even he never imagined.

You don’t love me anymore?” from No Is Better Than Silence
Kyra leaves her apartment and relationship without telling Mickey.  Mickey finds her two days later at their local diner to find out she has started a whole new life without him.

You’re too stupid to go to Naples.” from The Woebegone
Couple Lex and Ray have no money and have been selling whatever valuables they own in order to survive another day.


I know you well enough to know you’re a decent human being.” from Winter Will Never End
Jason works at a catering hall only to witness the woman he loves celebrating her wedding day.

I’ve failed my descendants.” from The Ghosts of Our Ancestors
Tiara is worried sick over the fact that her family may lose their estate.  She turns to her Uncle in order to try to stimulate some ambition to save their heritage.

I can’t look at her anymore.” from Burning Flowers
Fiona doubts that she is a good mother and in fact wishes she never became one.

You ever listen to blues?” from Thin Ice
Kyle meets Scarlet during detention and the new strike up a new friendship.

And is that supposed to be considered newsworthy?” from Eye of the Whale
Walt returns to town after disappearing on a soul searching adventure, only to come back to people who are angry with him.

You haven’t changed one bit.” from Scratching the Surface
Ouzo shows up at an art gallery to his ex-girlfriend only to find out something tragic is looming beneath the event.

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