15 Best Production Company Screenplays

15 Best Production Company Screenplays provides filmmakers and producers 15 short scripts you can go into production with for non-commercial.

The scripts shared below serve as a good way to find inspiration in order to get your creative juices flowing to tell your story.

15 Best Production Company Screenplays

Nanda is unhappy in her marriage and raising her children and desires to venture out into another world.

BLIND SPOT – comedy
After a physical mishap between Mícheál, his mother and a burglar, Mícheál goes to the pub to try and find his mother to make amends.

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER – drama/absurd
A surrealistic period piece where our main character Boyd makes a living by laughing in films at the dawn of sound in cinema.

After having a fistfight in a bar, Pesto soon regrets what happened because he believes he knows the person from his past.

Isabel gives Dev a hard time when he asks her out on a date.

ENCOUNTER – period drama
Two people meet for the first time and fall in love in this period piece.

TRUE BLOOD TIES – family drama
Jena meets with her father in prison, but can only tell him certain things as not to stir him up.

Logan isn’t shocked when learning that his wife has been having a passionate love affair.

15 Short Film Scripts for Immediate Production

Jennifer accompanies her friend Amy on a party crash, but may have stumbled into the man of her dreams.

Carmela’s ex-boyfriend is suffering with a bad health condition and they both seem to make excuses up in order to see one another.

CHEESECAKE – crime comedy
Velvet is a hired gun who is on a mission to get information and finish her task.

DEAD GIRL – comedy
After losing himself and partying till the son comes up, Rex realizes that the woman he has partied with has overdosed.

BAD TALK – drama
Held at knife point, Dizzia tells her friend that the man who threatened their life is actually related to her.

REAL AGAIN – drama
Two teenagers love one another and plan their escape route out of town.

BOULEVARD – family drama
Kelly is a passionate teen writer who has a family that doesn’t understand her and wishes she would quit writing.

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