Top 10 On-Camera Scenes for Creators

Here’s a Top 10 compilation of some of the best on-camera scenes for creators, actors and filmmakers to experiment with for comedy and drama pieces.

Top 10 On-Camera Scenes for Creators

  1. The Duck – what do you do when a guest visiting your home appears to be certifiably insane?
  2. Way of the Wiffle Ball Bat – a comedic sketch between a mother and annoying son.
  3. Unspoken Agreement – Arnwulda visits his dying sister only to be given a responsible he feels he simply cannot take or avoid.
  4. Jump Off The Earth – Beverly isn’t happy with her husband situation and Judd does his best to understand.
  5. The Show – a gangster launches his very own YouTube channel with the help of one of his soldiers.
  6. Callings and Commandments – Charlie makes his best attempt and bringing his mother and father back together again.
  7. Backward Glances – a dying man gets a visitation from his ex-girlfriend.  Does love still exist between them?
  8. Urination IQ – good friends, roommates, how long can it last?
  9. Moment In Time – Frances calls upon her older brother for help but not without receiving an ear full from him.
  10. Less Soap, More Blood – Roma is feeling like she is in a downward spiral because all she books as an actress are soap commercials.


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