12 Short Story Stage Scripts for Performers

12 Short Story Stage Scripts for Performers to rehearsal their craft in front of a drama teacher and/or to prepare for auditions.

12 Short Story Stage Scripts for Performers

FIGURE OF SPEECH (2 men – drama)
Two business friends, one who is a multimillionaire and the other who makes a modest living, negotiate a deal over whether or not one of them should sell their business to the other.

AS IF SHE WERE MEDUSA (3 women – drama)
Delilah’s sister Harriet has been living in her house but she confesses the fear she has with her sister to Mrs. FlowerPotter.

CASTLES IN THE SKY (2 men – drama)
A prisoner undergoes psychological warfare by the prison’s military warden and does his best not to disclose secret intelligence.

HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1 woman, 1 man – drama)
Sharon informs her husband Bruce that she is leaving for a month long holiday with her best friend in order to salvage their marriage.

TINA, HANK, HANK, TINA (1 woman, 2 men – serio-comedy)
Hank arrives at his brothers place to help him survive a dire situation, only to be introduced to an artist while he waits for his troubled brother to come back.

GATOR’S FURY (3 men, 1 gator – comedy)
Holt is captured by a couple of guys that are supposed to send him a message.  While he’s tied up an alligator passes by to visit him, which turns out to be a longtime friend.

12 Contemporary Theater Scripts for Performers

IN THE HOUR OF RAIN (2 women – drama)
Alanna gets reprimanded by her good friend over her behavior from the previous night but Alanna feels justified with her behavior.

A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF SUNSHINE (1 woman, 2 men – drama/thriller)
Mr. P is a stranger who candidly knocks on Lara and Ed’s home door to warn them of approaching natural disaster.

NIGHT OF THE PARTY (1 woman, 1 man – serio-comedy)
Ronon and Paggie are readying themselves for another night out on the town but Ronon is having second thoughts as to why they must seem to continue attending all these private events.

SEE ME AS A STRANGER (1 man, 2 women, 1 baby – drama)
Gordy is trying to find a way to become more responsible for his baby daughter but can’t seem to get his act together.

WHEN WE IMAGINE (1 woman, 1 man – drama)
Jesse and Felix begin to recognize the fact that they have a lot more in common then either of them care to admit.

VIN ROGUE (2 women, 1 man – serio-comedy)
Cosmo and his girlfriend Rianna are a pair of struggling artists in Paris who have no direction for the art they create.

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