15 Comedy Scenes for Actor Interpretation

15 Comedy Scenes for Actor Interpretation provides comedic and dark humor scripts from plays for actors to have fun practicing.

15 Comedy Scenes for Actor Interpretation

What do you do for a living?” from Over The Moon
An amazing first date between two people that have the potential for a bright future together, the only trouble is that they are from different time periods.

There’s a lot you don’t know about fashion.” from Medium
Derek doesn’t want to admit that he is shorter than what he claims when his girlfriend thinks he should get smaller sized clothing.

What the hell is going on?” from Number 23
Cal stops off at the laundry shop to pick up his bosses dress, but the issue is that it was thrown out without much explanation.

You think this is a game, movie star?” from This Side of the Mississippi
Quinn works as a busboy at his local diner.  When two criminals come crashing into the place, he tries to hitch a ride with them to start a new adventurous life.

Can I confess something to you?” from Waking Hours
Willis is saddened and stressed over seeing two birds crash into the same building on different days.

I dove through a second floor window.” from Before the Night Blows Cold
Billy is the guy who can’t ever seem to get his life in order and now he is on the run from criminals and seeks shelter at Azumi’s place but Izumi isn’t interested in helping Billy.

We can change your circuitry by rewiring your brain.” from Raison d’etre
Marlo feels as though his entire life is one great miserable show of torture and before he throws in the towel, his friend Sharon offers him a possible solution.

Can I have a bowl of your finest oysters?” from Vin Rogue
Cosmo and Rihanna are a couple living in Paris who are living out their fantasy of a bohemian lifestyle, not without its consequences.

Fishin' for Misery Comedy Monologue

Have you written anything else?” from Fishin’ for Misery
A down on his luck indie filmmaker begins to show cracks in his armor after having zero success in Hollywood.

He’s jumped off the roof loads of times.” from Hole in the Ocean
Peggy and Harley can’t seem to come to terms with what makes them so unhappy.

Your eyes dazzle with that type of green.” from Nobody Cares
When a couple enter a clothing shop, Maggie the sales representative refuses to let them leave without buying something.

Easy peasy, Ralph?” from Grace Period
Burt is stuck in his tiny apartment with his roommate during a pandemic. He’s just lost a contract and is stressing over paying his bills.

You always get headaches when we talk passed a third grade level.” from The Last M&M Samurai
Joe gets frustrated when his buddy Dan can’t seem to stop acting like he’s speaking in a commercial.

I should be gettin’ some kind of reward for this.” from Talk of Th’ Town
Pete loves his wife but can’t stomach her cooking.  It’s the holiday season and she loves making food, but Pete doesn’t have the heart to tell her it’s terrible.

Build me a rocket ship.” from Darling Face
Beverly feels like she is sacrificing too much for her newly wedded husband and demands he build her a rocket ship to show his true love for her.

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