17 Powerful Dramatic Monologues for Women

Here’s 17 Powerful Dramatic Monologues for Women that touch on friendship, love, trust, honesty, individuality, acceptance and more.

17 Powerful Dramatic Monologues for Women

  1. Comfort Food – Emily talks about how she wishes she can be seen for who she is as a person, rather than what people imagine her being like.
  2. Tell Me Now – Lena has been doing her best to cope with her partner’s illness.
  3. Treat Me Nice – Corinne takes care of her mother but has a rocky relationship with her, despite a deeper need to be close.
  4. Know What You Are Worth – Janet wishes to help steer her sister in a more positive life path.
  5. The Signing – Eliza is stressing over signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage.
  6. Dead Weight – Tia makes a last effort on giving Cris much needed guidance on changing his life…but is it already too late?
  7. True Calling – Charla talks to her close friend about not giving up on her dreams.
  8. Behind The Eight Ball – Helena shares with her friend the difficult challenges she faces being on her own.
  9. Second Look – Cher hasn’t felt as attractive to men as she used to and in this monologue piece, she opens up about it to her closest friend.
  10. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – Tina runs into an opponent during a workout routine.
  11. Reset Button – Lana gets inside her best friend Jill’s life to help her rediscover who she is to herself.
  12. Is That Too Much To Ask? – Roylla talks to her boyfriend about not feeling fulfilled within their relationship.
  13. Cathy, I Need To Talk To You – Andrea stands up to her roommate over how inconsiderate she’s being.
  14. Finally Accepted – DeAnne talks about her struggle as a poet and trying to find acceptance within her creative self.
  15. Since Childhood – Zoe can no longer handle being friends with her best friend Ricky because she realizes she’s in love with him and he’s dating someone else.
  16. A Thousand and One Excuses – Rosaria tells her boyfriend that she finally feels ready to be in love with him for the first time.
  17. Finding The Inner Strength To Love – Awiti is caught in a web over having enough will power and energy to actually love someone fully….or is it something more that’s holding her back?

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