50 Of The Best Short Scripts To Read and Make

50 Of The Best Short Scripts To Read and Make are gathered together based on creator response and popularity.

50 Of The Best Short Scripts To Read and Make

THE GOLDFISH (2 women, 2 men)
Cameron devoured the inheritance he received when is Aunt passed on and now he’s at the bottom of the meaning of his life.

ALDERONA (1 teen girl, 1 teen guy)
Alderona and Kludo are siblings with special secret powers that are meant to protect humanity.

BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS (1 woman, 1 man)
Mr. Chesterfield comes back from his ship voyage to find that his wife is possessed by something evil.

BOULEVARD (1 teen girl, 1 woman)
A mother refuses to take her teenage daughter seriously with her writing.

ANIMAL BOYS (1 woman, 1 man)
Dev aspires to take Isabel out on a date, but Isabel doesn’t seem to want to take Dev seriously.

LESS SOAP, MORE WATER (1 woman, 1 man)
Roma is a classically trained actress stuck in the rut of acting in soap commercials for the past two years.

CLEO (2 woman, 2 men)
A wealthy aristocrat begins to believe that her family is out to kill her for her possessions.

IF ALL THAT WE SAY (1 woman, 1 men)
Orson tells Audra how he feels about her, but Audra is skipping town.

MAPLE ROAD (2 men)
Jim sees that his son Marshall is struggling and decides to try and give him helpful advice regarding matters of the heart.

COVER STORY (1 woman, 4 men)
An editorial manager discovers his wife has been having an affair, which leads him down a dark road.

PARIS BALCONY (1 woman, 1 man)
Camille is only looking for two things in life, pleasure and money.

A period drama about two men doing business with one another regarding an importing/exporting shipping arrangement.

BENNY’S GOT A GUN (2 women, 3 men)
Jerome talks to his friend about how he views the fairness of people’s happiness.

PIP’S RESTAURANT (1 woman, 2 men)
Muggs finds out that the woman he is head over heels for likes his best friend instead.

QUE AND SCHELP (1 female teen, 1 male teen)
Two teenagers rehearse there robbery operation the day before they do it.

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BASKET CASE (2 women)
Vicky learns from her mother for the first time that her mother had a brother that has just died.

DEAD GIRL (2 men)
Two friends try to figure out how to avoid a gangster’s wrath.

A rich and powerful man informs his butler that he plans to launch himself off the earth.

BAD TALK (1 woman, 2 men)
Dizzia empathizes with her cousin who wanders the streets because of his mental illness.

Jackson can’t stand his brother’s work ethic, which only gets compounded over time.

A WOMAN LIKE ME (2 women)
Nanda doesn’t know what to do with her feeling of displacement.

THE WAY HOME (2 women, 1 man)
Jasmine is a teenage success story growing her own business and she wants to buy her own home, but her parents are against it.

Norman calmly explains to his wife that he is upset for living out the most perfect day of his entire life.

FIVE MONTHS LATER (1 woman, 1 man)
After not speaking for months, Bree shows up at Carlston’s place in a drunken stupor.

BLIND SPOT (1 woman, 4 men)
Mícheál speaks with Father O’Conner for forgiveness and guidance regarding a terrible mix up with his mother.

Pesto was in a physical confrontation in a bar and regrets the episode because he believes he used to know the person.

Boyd is considered a ‘laugh man’ in a world of films when sound becomes important.

BACKWARD GLANCES (1 woman, 1 man)
Lonar’s ex-boyfriend picked up some memorabilia from her favorite decade in order to see her again.

ROADS AND TRENCHES  (1 woman, 2 men)
After fighting for his country, Ron comes home to learn that his friend is marrying the woman he’s in love with.

FOR ALL WE’VE GOT (2 women)
Luna is trapped in her neighborhood and family ways of thinking and aspires to break free for a better life.

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SHRIBBLE (1 woman, 1 man)
Valerie and Frank have gone vegan and Frank is already miserable three days in.

BENNY’S GOT A GUN (2 women, 3 men)
Jerome doesn’t believe that people show their true colors when they claim to be happy.

Wilfred listen in on Luna’s complaint about strange noises taking place next-door to where she is living.

IF ALL THAT WE SAY (1 woman, 1 man)
Orson only works up the courage to confess his love for Audra when he is told that she will be leaving forever.

I’M SORRY YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL (1 woman, 1 man)
A story about two actors having a fling during a broadway run and how they try to get a hold on themselves before it’s too late.

CURVES OF THE FUTURE (2 women, 1 man)
Scarlett and her boyfriend are about to get on a bus for a predictable life, when Scarlet realizes this, she decides against it for a more risky path.

DELIVERY (1 woman, 1 man)
Although Kelly has become friendly with a man she delivers pizza to, she’s been planning on robbing him of his money.

EMBERS THAT REMAIN (2 women, 2 men)
While Dallas is down and out and closing up shop, a community of her most loyal customers come to her aid.

ASK OUT SAMANTHA SCHEME (1 woman, 2 men)
Two elderly pals meet one another halfway when it comes to a woman they both seem to like.

UP THE LINE (2 men)
Paulie is a bonafide screw up, but his only saving grace may be marriage.

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It’s winter and Willard is poor, hungry and wants his money from his buddy Ralph.

THE EAST END ROOM (3 women, 4 men)
Although Henrdrick is adopted he has tried hard to fit in to what he privately believes is an insane family.

Betty has helped her sister during her divorce by taking her in, but it has been more than challenging to say the least.

FALL NO FURTHER (1 woman, 1 man)
When Mel sees her husband getting ready to take out the trash, her anxiety rises to the surface and she doesn’t want him to go.

THE VISITANT (1 woman, 1 man)
After watching a stranger stand on his property for the past week, Rick works up the bravery to go out and face him.

WHAT NEVER WAS (1 woman, 4 men)
Serena can’t believe that the lead singer of her band doesn’t want to finish recording their album.

FISHIN’ FOR MISERY (1 woman, 2 men)
A filmmaker begins to believe that his life isn’t amounting to much of anything.

A SHADE OR TWO DARKER (1 woman, 2 men)
A period piece that touches on racism inside of one small family.

EVEN THE COLOR BLUE (1 woman, 2 men)
Johan wants nothing more than to come out to his parents and feel free among them, but he is stopped upon learning of his father’s illness.

BEER AND BOBBY’S LASAGNA (1 woman, 2 men)
During helping his friend move, Kutch suffers from bad stomach ache’s and explains the cause of his turmoil.

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