30 Scenes and Scripts for Two Actors

Here’s 30 Scenes for Two Actors in both comedy/drama.  Topics cover revenge, terror, spirituality, prison, abuse, careerism, self-discovery and mystery.

We invite you to use our acting scenes and scripts for drama class, internet video uploads and you are even welcome to go out and make your own short film as other creators have done.

30 Scenes and Scripts for Two Actors

I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE (comedy) first day on the job and you’re met with THIS.

BAD TALK (drama) it’s hard to confess you come from a rough family.

FEAR OF THE FAT MAN (comedy) this guy is completely terrified of heavy set people.

LIFE MOVES (drama) a dad has a hard time showing his love to his daughter.

THE DUCK (comedy) being a good host to a friend isn’t as easy as it seems when they are certifiably insane.

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER (comedy) a live interview that quickly goes wrong.

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA (drama) an execution in a desert from underground criminals.

TEA TIME (comedy) the past and present collide through the use of language.

BOULEVARD (drama) a mother doesn’t see the potential her daughter has.

THE HANDLER (comedy) a gangster let’s his girlfriend know for the first time who he truly is.

FIX (drama) a woman is not happy with her contractor.

SHRIBBLE (comedy) a man gone vegan because his wife said so.

Scripted Scenes for Short Film Adaptations

STORY OF A PLUCKED LOBSTER (drama) a desperate man does all that he can to save his wife’s life.

MICKEY’S CASKE (comedy) a really raw boss with a foul mouth.

IMAGINARY, YOU (drama) two completely different brothers on the day of their father’s burial.

WAY OF THE WIFFLE BALL BAT (comedy) a mother saves her son from choking on a sandwich.

WINDOW PAIN (drama) two lover’s quarrel and try to come to terms with their domestically violent relationship.

LAST WEDNESDAY (comedy) an exaggerated form of living life when it comes to being at work.

TWO OR THREE DAYS (drama) Roxy just can’t take having her brother in law live inside her house anymore

ENTIRELY, AS WELL (comedy) an entire relationship between two people in 5 minutes flat.

NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD (drama) one brother tries to tell the other brother that he needs to wake up and be more responsible for his life.

LESS SOAP, MORE BLOOD (comedy) a diva blasts her agent for having her book another soap commercial.

CHICKEN CUTLET SANDWICH AND SOME WINGS (drama) two best friends grow closer due to trying circumstances in one of their homes.

ODDS ARE FIFTY-FIFTY (comedy) a couple accidentally and then discreetly spy on a neighbor through a window because of odd behavior.

JUMP OFF THE EARTH (drama) a woman fed up with her life and all she wants to do is be in space.

WINDOW PAIN (2 women) – VICKIE and LESLIE are in a relationship.  Vickie punched Leslie in the face and this is the aftermath hours later.


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